Listen to the morning broadcast discussion

Listen to the morning broadcast discussion “Ah, Korea” seems to listen to the morning broadcast debate Politics, economics, education, society, diplomacy… It doesn’t seem to be one problem and it doesn’t work well. Chun Doo-hwan’s news is not like a country but like a comedy. These days, the Korean people’s country is about to be swept away. I feel like Argentina is going to ruin it.

Even the lawmakers said that if the people were in a difficult time to make ends meet, they would have had a number of Guterres.Sometimes he even says that he really wants Guterte to happen when his friends are so frustrated in their seats. Of course, I don’t want to agree, but sometimes I feel like I want to kill the rotten politicians with a gun.

But this year, I hope there will be no hate or group to kill in my heart, and I will be a happy country if only the following people are expelled from this land. I want to believe it.

First of all, I want people who want to become lawmakers because I think they’re in a minus position just for the first time. their peopleThey make a lot of noise about the country, but they’re doing it because they’re good and they can make money. For the sake of the people, we don’t have to work hard to become lawmakers.Does the person who serves even shine? I’m going to do it with all my energy because I think politics is a speculation zone.

Secondly, I hope that those people who are corrupt or crooks who are elected to the National Assembly will survive on this land. You mean if you’re going to get what you’re going to eat or if you’re going to have a party in the Gyeongsang provinces, you’re going to get rid of your family or you’re going to have a scam.When we were young, people in North Korea thought that the Democratic Party, which is in the Gyeongsang region, was red in the Jeolla provinces.

Third, I would like to expel people who are trying to intervene. People are waiting for 30 to 1 hour to turn right or wrong, and they suddenly come running and get in front of them It takes only a few seconds to break into the distance that took me more than 30 minutes and cheer them on. Perhaps those are the ones who have not been able to raise money normally. Most of the people who have never sweated out of fraud, gambling, real estate, etc. have increased their borrowing.

The fourth is people who pull up on the sidewalk and sell their goods.There are too many people who are selling more of the stuff that they can store in their own homes than there are in their own homes. Also, people who park in India without even passing a single person can be destroyed. These humans have never wanted to be deported.

The fifth is people who make money by speculating in apartments or houses. Even in real estate, housing is a real thing for people to live on. It’s a sin if you stack up food and sell it when it’s expensive and you starve. Houses are also very expensive. Other people are overwhelmed by the fact that their families have nowhere to stay warm in their sleep, but buying a few houses and selling a business is worse than a loan shark in the old.

The sixth is the people who really envy these people who want to banish them.
Tax office workers are more honored to be in charge of building or building a district office than judges.

In fact, I think these can be done easily if you have common sense of morality, ethics, patriotism, and self-esteem based on tradition. Let’s try in 2004 to make a beautiful and living nation that we’ve never achieved by placing importance on universal values and appealing to ourselves.

For the next generation.

Moonchang and aspiring student.
It’s kind of rude to post a sign-up, but…
I’m not sure if I’m going to sign up and put it on the bulletin board.
I think there might be a group of people, so I post this

I’ve been posting this in several places.
1. It doesn’t suit the atmosphere of the original.
2. I’m not sure about characterization.
That’s roughly what they have in common.

Well, you’ll have to read it first.
I can’t agree with you in the opinion of one.
Because literature doesn’t have to carry on the traits of the past. The original version of Hong Gil-Dong was made of the original version of the movie.
Although he was a righteous man, he was also a human being, so if he got money and power, he could be corrupted.
In this respect, I would like to give high marks for the creativity of my work.

2. As you can see, this is a fictional character’s description from the first person observer’s point of view (which is said to be high school terms for high school). The process of personality change in Hong Gil-dong
Maybe it’s a little awkward.I don’t know.

Anyway, it’s the beginning.^^

The theme is Island.

After Gil-dong.

Hong Gil-dong is less than two months ago from now, by demons donghae of a remote island, built the city of more than here. His determination to create a new world in a rotten world seemed daunting to me, Lee Baek-doo, who had lived in the same country since the days of the party.

These days, however, I often think that the Yuldo, which he founded, was simply a escape from reality. It’s human. It’s because of humans.

Of course, Hong Gil-dong did not do so from the beginning. Isn’t he the leader of the party that was trying to eradicate the corrupt world out of dissatisfaction with red-letter discrimination? From the beginning, even in the New World of this Yule, he struggled for the safety and equality of the people. After a meeting with Confucian scholars, who said they had written quite a bit of writing to stop discrimination against enemy books in Korea, Gil-dong came to my house on the night the abolition was finally confirmed, quietly weeping and rejoicing that his resentment had been resolved.

That’s all! He has done some good things for the lives of the people, such as walking less taxes for the poor and taking part in fishing operations and clearing unused land in order to increase productivity.

But when the water is high, it rotts. Surely this island has no way of getting rid of rotten water. The sight of Gildong today was just like water in the air.

Today there were several officials discussing the taxation of the Yul-do country. He was the first to come out and wait, but he has been increasingly late for important meetings for some time now. It was not long after today’s meeting that he appeared clumsily with his left and right officers.

“I’m sorry. I’m a little late.”
“Your Majesty, the time is… ”
“Your Majesty says sorry!”

exclaimed Park Doo-moon, who had a peculiarly big sore spot in his philtrum. The reason you can yell at someone who is higher in rank than you is probably because of Gil-dong, who sits haughty behind him.

Come to think of it, I recently saw two new things in Gil-dong, one of which is that he is not as smart as he might think. There are things you can do only with enthusiasm, and things you shouldn’t. The management of state affairs was among the latter. He was motivated in the beginning, but as time went on, complaints and problems began to emerge here and there. And the problem was that it couldn’t be solved without someone’s help. By the time his power was needed, Park Du-moon, a scholar from the Zen master who wrote some writings in peace, naturally finds his place.

But he used to cry for reform in the party of the living, but when he settled down to a satisfactory reality, he began to slowly settle down, too, and finally rotted away. By the side of the road, he assisted him and melted him with a few sweet words.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to raise taxes by 20 percent from last month, right?”
“Your Majesty… but these days the poor harvest has caused the people to…”
“Aah! Shut up! If you do, I will!”

And another thing I felt was that Hong Gil-Dong, he is quite adept at spending money. It was as if he didn’t know what the money was or how to spend it when he attacked the temple duck and distributed it to the naked people. The sight of the caretaker Koo Beom and a few others playing in a parasitic house with the state coffers made it look so different that I know Hong Gil-dong.

“Then this month will raise another 20 percent of last month.”

Yul Do-guk. Why did Hong Gil-dong choose this place? What was the meaning of his dream?

Three months later. An abacus of Yuldo.

“Hey, did you hear the news?”
“What news?”
“Egg! Don’t you know that! The one who made the market noisy these days!”

“AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhYou mean that Shin Gil-dong?”

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