going to have to write our own

When the lab is over… We’re going to have to write our own reports and publish their own reports.
Another group will announce…
“We found that the mixture was different in size…
First, sift corn and beans that are different in shape by hand.
Separate rice, sift the rice, then sugar, sand, and iron powder.
“and finally, we picked iron powder from sand with magnets.”
Applause is loud… “Wow!!!”
Our team’s Sharpman announces…
“We used an experimental device. The sugar melted when heated.
Corn has become hard cold. Let’s tilt the steel plate with a magnet.
I picked the beans and rice because they ran out. The beans were burnt out and separated from the rice.
“Yes, the remaining iron dust and sand are attached to the sugar.”
After the presentation, other school teachers are down…
And we didn’t see our teacher…

I’ll stay here for a while to watch others burn and then go home to school.
Here we go.
“There is no teacher… Where did he go?”
“I think he’s gone first. Let’s take a taxi…”
When we leave the school, our teacher calls us from behind the alleys…
“… Yes… well done… Let’s go… it’s all my fault…”
We were surprised to hear that it was our fault and the teacher was wrong
I’m not going back to the cab…
We have forgotten the experiment, but…
It’s so hard to see a teacher with his head wrapped up in agony.
I think it was sad…

PS: After that… 17 years ago, one of the members, I was at Daedeok Research Park.
I’m working… Are you worried about the future of your country’s science? ^^

A New Year’s morning dawned on 酒.
A large alcoholic drink named 甲申年 is rolling in from the eastern sky. The snow piled up on Jangdokdae in the backyard looks heavy even in the freezing weather, making people feel at peace with a noble figure.
I would like to offer the first day of the national New Year’s morning with a reverence for holding a glass with both hands.

All the people of the country
We were born on this land with the name ‘Korean Peninsula’ in our hearts. It’s both parent’s skin and child’s health. It also symbolizes the face of joy that we have in our lives today.
We will redefine the scope of the application of 酒法, which measures one’s dignity and manners as a 도움이 in the New Year’s fabric, to help translate the drinking spirit into practice.
酒客 is a high man. I’m in a critical position where no one is interfered and no one else should be interfered. In other words, you have to put 酒法 into practice.

In retrospect, there is not a single cultural asset left behind due to countless cries. Who would call it a national anthem if the beans were not planted? Go out on the street. That’s a lot of bullies. It has been carried out in the shadow of a backdoor deal with old-fashioned ideas, without shame to denigrate and slander. It looks like a tidal wave has torn up a hive. The refugees are being carried away by the storm.
It’s as if all the “sick Asians” are gathered together with the city jabbers.The ‘foolish Westerners’ are playing the game with the dwarfs.

All the people of the country
When a nation becomes a nation, what it has done in the world is gone.
There are lots of drinks on the Korean Peninsula but no glasses.
There is a discussion but there is no table.
It’s bitter, but it doesn’t taste good.
I have a liquor store, but I don’t see any booze.

The glorious dawn of New Year’s morning is our feast.
When you drink the remnants of the foreign civilization in a wine glass of the state, the cause of drinking is reborn in the foam of the Hoop that seeps under your feet.
All the people of the country
It is true that the footprints of history have been at odds and agonized over the concept of ‘I’ and ‘we’.
We were born so I could be born.
‘I’m the alter ego of ‘we’ and ‘we’ are the same dependents of ‘I’.
The coexistence of ‘I’ and ‘we’ is the order of the state. To pursue the legitimacy of 酒客 by sublimating the concept of yang is to realize that it is a great name for 甲申年 and the calling of the times.

All the people of the country
We need to re-establish a large drinking table named ‘Culture’.
This is so that the pain of the wounds created by a series of long history and tenacious matches of fate will not be washed away again by the sea.
I and We were born in this land to be happy together.
The days of justification are gone and Silly is coming.
The cause is always the result. It’s going to have to accept that personal cause is what makes sense.
But drinking alone makes me feel lonely. The atmosphere is good when we take it together. It’s time to reinvent the “I” and “We” strings in pursuit of communality step by step. It’s a co-cylla. It’s a long life. You need to know that activism in seeking common sense creates peace.

All the people of the country
We are not used to enjoying the leisure of the times.
I’ve lost my laughter, I’ve forgotten my composure.
It is true that I have been completely ignored by reality and have been victimized by history. What is the number of people who died without knowing it? Who can be honest in front of their original soul?
And how many people can declare without shame that they are the lords of the naked and hungry refugees?

You have to feel at home to do a good job.
When you ride on the spirit of heroism, you will follow the painful history of the past in which I and we are at odds.
The more you do that, the harder you get–
We should not hold onto these old-fashioned monologues.
-The more you do that, the more relaxed you–
You should hand down these slogans to the descendants of the kingdom.
It’s about listening to the guidance of the new national anthem.
For the sake of competition in good faith, the evil spirit of taking a cup from the hands of a man should disappear from the earth forever.

It is only natural that rivers flow and converge in the sea.
It is our painful past that the river has gathered in the mountains and achieved a disastrous history of extreme confrontation. The waters of the valley in the mountains have done nothing for the peace of the country, as they have torn down the embankment.
All the people of the country
Drinking moderately is good for your health.
I’d like to order a mental armed service.
Let’s find a new big glass named ‘人’.
You can’t live in your own name if you drink at the same time.
You need to drink moderately to taste the essence of the dish.
If they drink too much, the people of the state are devastated.
A person’s knowledge leads to poverty of a hundred people’s
Please remember that there is a path for national reconciliation when you can cast off the yoke that you call “致富” on your own.

洗腦 is not good.
You shouldn’t be tied up in a world of narrowness.
Rescue “I,” who was brainwashed for a cause, for one hour.
There is no higher concept than harmony in human community life.
We should no longer be deceived by the sweet talk that is used by those who do not know the true meaning of harmony.
The national anthem is a community of people who are both born and bred. Humans are social animals. We should no longer pass on the abuses that are confined to political animals to future generations.
Now the days of heroes are gone, and the stage of the people are rushing to celebrate. You should cherish your present position. I’m afraid I’ve got a serious job. You shouldn’t be misled by the light treatment of your duties.

All the people of the country
I believe there will be snow again in the near future. A cripple of an era will never be able to get away with the half-million-year-old zigzag
I can’t kill anyone to live. No matter what anyone says, a friend should help. The refugees are not subject to overthrow. If one man cannot save a hundred refugees, unification of the two countries cannot be achieved. It is a national honor to prepare a wide table of culture with a large glass of 人.
If you are not ready, you will receive a visit in case of an emergency.
A joint statement is the readiness of history to suggest.
Now is the time to unite the answers, not to fight among the questions. Caught in the brainwashed black-and-white logic, the horrors of refugees. I urge you to end the struggle and open a new era of harmony for the sake of peace of the kingdom that will be handed down to your descendants.

酒 no longer needs to ask questions.
I’m just waiting for an answer.
Let’s drink to the peace of the country.

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