This is a Buddhist monk who is

This is a Buddhist monk who is not personally interested in Buddhists.It’s obvious.First of all, I understand that you were surprised by my writing.Well… I posted what I had posted at the religious debate.Online discussions are life’s life, so it’s okay to follow the rules of discussion.Personal abuse and abuse are prohibited, but it is not related to the high level of criticism if the grounds and logic are consistent.Because the opponent attacks anyway.

Bibbles must be added to the riverbed with foreign currency.It’s impossible to count a cross that doesn’t understand the whole religion and is already lighting up outside the window.

A Buddhist who was not funny, a Buddhist who answered…

I am dedicated to the Buddhist bulletin board at the religious review cafe (2,000 members), and I usually post Buddhist writings on the other 2. religious comparison cafe (member 6,000) Satanism and Philosophical Religion’ bulletin board.

The above 1 cafe is highly regarded as a skeptic, mainly a science and engineering major, and as a doctoral student in his late 20s, such as a researcher.The above 2 cafe is a cafe where many of the best theorists from overseas are gathered.Instead of being refuted, we are openly and squarely talking about Buddhism.

In the Discussion of the Internet Hankyoreh section, on the first page a little earlier, I wrote two-thirds of the list pages while changing my ID.The purpose is to defend Buddhism.The reason I changed my ID is because I was sorry that I would have to defend Buddhism to my same anti-American colleagues.Antony is a religious critic, but an agnostic theory.

3,000 basic Buddhist books…How much do I read since I’ve almost read the library books of a temple library? I started studying when I was 10 years old, so I have a lot of experience.Do you want to do it? You already have a huge amount of reading and understanding in a day just by participating in religious criticism online.It’s the study, the performance. It’s more of a busy life job, a side job, and a short period of time. And I’m not a monk, I’m a professional performer.I’m with the largest number of masters, and I can say this, but I’m on the floor.Whether it’s a job or not, kiddo…As you can see, I’m making religious comments online to make sure that I can afford it.

I don’t even have a Buddhist share online.It’s probably because there’s not enough Internet Buddhist commentators, and it’s always the same. If Christianity collapses, Jeung San Do is expected to replace it.Already online, Jeung San Do has made strides, and more than 10,000 members of the next cafe say that Jeung San Do is in control, and the religion that attacks Christianity online is increasing.The ancient history of Korean history can be monopolized by Jeung San Do, but it also has a national religion.

Korean Buddhists can’t believe it until they die.When a Christian preaches to death, he almost converts and dies.Even if a Christian can’t wake up to Buddhism, a Buddhist can do it easily.

To the extent that you have looked through several books at the Buddhist College of Culture, are you just saying good things or slandering other religions?They say they’re catching people, but who knows what’s illegal, and who can tell them?

Korea’s reality where illegal life force is not active.

Do you know Buddhism?Do you know Christianity?

Peace is only possible with power, and coexistence is the logic of the weak.Would it be too much for a believer to say that Buddhism is the only religion that has neither the will nor the ability?

I don’t like writing on Buddhist sites. I know the Buddhists.I accidentally posted a few.As a test, I expected and worried about the test.

And I have to write modestly, but I can’t feel lighthearted because I don’t.The lack of discussion is like a Buddhist site.That’ll be a lot of activation.

Life of the wanderer Casanova

“I loved women to distraction. But I loved freedom more.”

A native of Venice, Italy, Zakomo Girolamo Casanova (1725-1798) ended her turbulent life at the age of 73. It was in Prague, Czech Republic.

Casanova, the eccentric character who made his presence clear to future people through his autobiography “The Story of My Life.”

He was a sensualist who indulged in the odor of many women and was a romanticist, but he was not a woman in the direction he pursued. Idea, which penetrated his life, was always free.

Casanova was an astute and knowledgeable person at the age of 18 who earned a doctorate in law and left more than 40 books. Talent in various fields, including theology, natural sciences, and entertainment, has always stirred the wall of wandering. Like he refused to be a man of a woman, he was always wandering around Europe without being stuck anywhere.

When I met King Friedrich at the age of 39, I was overwhelmed by the king’s straightforward

He left his post without a good answer.

When the king praised him for his beautiful appearance, he pointed a finger at the king’s homosexual temperament.

“Is that all you’ve ever found in me?

Later, when she met the Russian empress of Katharine, she was able to use the Gregorian calendar in Europe.

He recommended to be used At that time, Russia used Julius’s power to create a new world.

The 10-day gap was causing a lot of economic and diplomatic losses.

He also painted portraits of the Queen.

When he met the enlightened thinker Voltaire, he refuted his ideas.

Abundant talent and wide knowledge were also used when snooping around the upper classes to improve their status, but were also mobilized when it was coveted for women.

He was not a stranger to strangers. Evelin, a Cassanova researcher

To borrow the expression of Hamegnas, “In the air, free and free from all ethnic prejudices,

We went away and had a public discussion with anyone, whether it was Turkey’s Seokhak or the Jewish owner of Amsterdam.” His vast country had no borders.

His autobiography is regarded as a valuable literary work, describing an interesting love story with as many as 122 women, 18th-century customs and life in detail.

Casanova was born in Venice as the son of a comic actor. his later work

He falsely claimed in “I hate love, I hate women,” that his father was a nobleman, Michelle Grimani, who was the owner of a theater, but in fact his father was an ordinary actor who died at the age of 36 with six children left.

Casanova had a young day at Padova. The intellectual capital, which later interacts with elites in various fields, including economy, politics and culture, was also derived from the Ph.D. in law at the University of Padova His first job was ironically a priest.

Casanova is a desperate man who fought for a higher position, trying to become a priest.

I did and joined the army, but they all failed.

At that time, the path to rising status was to become a priest.

In 1746, at the age of 21, we had a heart attack called Bravadin.

By saving him, he adopted a splendid life.

But with Casanova’s freewheeling privacy and individuality, the Venetian government official’s management has been compromised.

In 1755 he was brought to the Inquisition to be imprisoned in Panion Prison because he

It’s working. It was in a two-calle palace where you couldn’t get out once you got in.

The ceiling is made of lead, so it’s cold in winter and very hot in summer.

I called him. He escaped from prison in 1756, saying he couldn’t get out once he went in.

He left the following message.

“As you did not seek my consent when you locked me up here,

I will also leave in search of freedom and will not seek your consent.”

The Enlightenment who escaped and went to Paris to claim class and status equality.

He made an effort to become a member of the aristocratic society.

Entering society in 1759, under the auspices of Mrs. Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV in Paris.

At the age of 32, I was able to identify the city’s financial difficulties.

Then, Louis XV proposed a lottery business, which generated two million francs in sales, leaving him a profit of 600,000 francs.

In 1759, the lottery business flourished by investing its profits in textiles, but the employees worked at the factory.

There was an incident of stealing equipment and running away.

Business partners and sponsors even accused Casanova of suspicion.

So I left Paris and ended my long escape and came back to Venice at the age of 50.

He was engrossed in publishing.

The Czech Republic was Casanova’s last stop.

After wandering all over Europe looking for a stable job, he began working as a librarian for Count Josef Karl Emmanuel von Baltstein at the docks of Bohemia (Czech). With the help of Earl Baltstein, the lord of his talent,

While staying, he wrote the science fiction, “Jacosameron.”

I spent my last years there, and I wrote a lot of things, and my autobiography, The Story of My Life,

It began writing in the early 1790s and completed the first draft in 1792.

Casanova, who said, “I lived as a philosopher and died as a Christian.”

Even now, if you go to Prague, you can trace him.

Casanova met Mozart there and helped him rewrite the lyrics of the opera Don Giovanni. The Mozart Museum there has a manuscript of music and a portrait of Casanova on it.

Casanova and Mozart both enjoyed sensual pleasure as members of Freemason’s unit, and their empathy helped enhance the perfection of their respective art.

In Dux Castle, where Casanova lived, the wax figure of Casanova is preserved.

The room where he actually lived and his letters remain.

His body was laid in a vineyard at St. Barbara’s church near Dux Castle, but later,

It was removed when the castle was rearranged.