A 21-year-old female college student

A 21-year-old female college student.^^
I sold my Mercedes.I’m a little disappointed, but…
Later, I will eat more age, and then I will earn enough money for myself.^^
Please support us~^^
I am so happy in Benz Palgu.
I went to school after a long time, so I was kind of reply.
I slept in Philippines for 2 nights and 3 days.
I don’t have any regrets this Friday. So I finish early on Thursday.
Fortunately, I got a ticket easily because I was banged up at the airport.^^
Ah! White Day not long ago.I’m not sure if you sent it well.^^
I had a bad day.^^;
Is your brother the professor and the Justice Department that day?I didn’t meet you there because you said you were going to meet the Minister.
But I’m glad…I don’t know if…
I got a call from the brother who confessed to me that day.
Today I will be spending time with a man.Do it.
But he said it wasn’t me.
My brother asked me for a day, but I’ll make you happy.
I knew I didn’t want to be alone on that day.
I never had another mother.
At the end of the afternoon, my brother came to school.
That’s where the event started.^^;
My brother’s a Benz. He suddenly opened the back seat for me.
I was gonna sit in the auxiliary seat, but…
I almost passed out. The back seat is full of roses.^^
I was moved. I cried so casually.^^;)
And my brother opened the auxiliary seat for me.
My favorite Toto doll is big.I was happy.
I got in the car and my brother asked me to leave it to him today.
It was Baru’s house that I went to. I was at my brother’s house.
I park my brother’s car in the garage and I go in.
I didn’t see it well because it was high outside, but it was a big garden.
I also have a ranch dog that I like.I was so cute.
I’m the first one you brought to pick up a girl.I was getting a little excited.^^
You’re the only one who works at home.
My brother suddenly asked me to take care of her and she left a little later.
My brother told me to look forward to cooking.^^
Honestly, he’s cute, but he’s very modern.” (Oh! People say he looks a lot like Kwon)
I didn’t know you could cook. I’ve been watching my house and my brother’s. The house was very smart and tidy.^^
I ate the fantastic food that my brother made for me.^^)
And the event that followed was impressive.
My brother brings cookies, small cake, and chocolate on a tray.
When I looked closely, he made it himself.^^
It tastes great.I was so touched.^^
I packed chocolate and cake cookies and went for a drive in the suburbs.
The weather was a little pretty, but I felt really good.
on one’s way
You should thank my guy today.daughter-in-law
Rather, he thanked me
Then, I called my older sister and went up to get a rose and a doll.^^
It wasn’t my guy’s name, but…
But it was a very happy day.^^
I’m grateful to you. I think you’ll fit in.
I bought a pair of shoes in Bali and gave them as a gift.
But that day, I was working for my dad’s company.
I asked my brother to come to work.
But I’m wearing a black basiline almani suit.
She had long straight hair tied neatly.
I was so surprised to see him.
My brother said…
I think my usual behavior or speech was like a kindergarten- -;
I thought she was only a child, but I was surprised to see what I was doing.^^;
I’ve been helping you with your work since this time.^v…
Also, meet my guy name on Friday and get candy and clothes present.^^
I had a really fun day.
My brother is very busy these days.
I need to take care of my tired brother.^^
I don’t really have a car anymore.You’re a piece of shit.^^
But I think it suits me better.
From now on, I have to go to my dad’s company a lot, so I got a few more suits right.
It’s still awkward, but…You’ll get used to it soon.
What are you doing these days?I think it is really spring now. I am so excited.
That’s why I come in sometimes.
Every time I post an article, I do it like this.
Those of you who read it to the end.Thank you for your interest.
Oh! Do you know the American magazine which was picked up by the professor recently?
I think I’m gonna work there.^^
During the lecture, I had a discussion with my professor on English course. Chukka juse salts…^^
Soon, two pretty flowers, manifi..It’s a nice spring day, guys.I wish you all happiness.^^
Thank you again for reading my article.Please be healthy.~

This is the ripple.————————————————

Oh, yeah.
I’m, uh, I’m gonna drag the Ferrari F50 today.
Formula One, world number one, and Samuel Schumacher,
They had a race on the west coast highway on their way to Incheon Airport.
As soon as my f50 goes over 350 kilometers per hour, Schumacher gives up.
After all, I’m just going to ask someone who’s passing by
I sold it for a plane.- I’m a little disappointed, but…
So I went to Mars for the price of the plane.-
The moment the Columbia flares fire and flares away the earth,
It was so exciting…
I came early because I had class tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my birthday and my girlfriend is now
I am doing a Ph.D. in mba at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, U.S.
Maybe I’ll send it alone.
I’m worried about my girlfriend.

I think Jihyun will call me tomorrow.
Jihyun said she had no schedule on Monday.
I think he’ll take responsibility for his birthday just because he took 2% cf this time.

Well, now, after 50 years of being born, my mom kicked out the kitchen maid,
She is cooking in the kitchen for the first time.

At the top of Mount Everest in the Himalayas, once every 100 years, the snow is there.
We make sauce from the fruit that grows when it melts.
They’re making me a relief steak…
The red ginseng has been twisting for 50 years in decoration.
What will come out of the appetizer……

I’m just quitting school
I think I’m working for Coca Cola in the U.S.
My father bought a 99 percent stake in Coca-Cola.
They want me to be a major shareholder.

I’m at work now, but I don’t want to wear a fuckin suit.
I’m so embarrassed these days that I can’t wear these vultures.
I just wanted to call one of the European designers.
I’ll ask him to take a piece of clothing.
Oh, my mom wants me to eat caviar.~~~
Eat it while it’s fresh.I’ll come back after I eat.~~